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[ EN ] Server Rules !

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-= EN Rules =-


I reserve the right to change this Regulation at any time ! Your duty as Admins is to look through the Regulation at least two times a week!

// EN





1. Jetpack is not allowed on mods! [Survivor/Sniper] [SLAY]

2. DON'T change the map, only in the last 5 minutes left with command amx_votemap (Put minim 2 maps and wait for the current round to finish!) PENALTY: REMOVE


1. The use of cheats is sanctioned with permanent ban.
2. Foul language is sanctioned with GAG between 3 minutes and 10.
3. Advertising other servers, websites, forums on the server is sanctioned with PIKA. (Not with ban. Why? There is a chance that the player had it's config modified, receiving pika he would have to reinstall his cs and play on the server again :)
4. If you RETRY after GAG you'll receive GAG till the map ends (If the retry is being executed again you'll receive ban 30 minutes ! )
5. Foul language against an admin is punished with GAG the whole map (If the foul language continues with u@ you'll receive ban 60 minutes ! )
6. Don't stress the admins with too many unreasonable demands. (Like Ammo) (It is not sanctioned in any way! )
7. No comments against an admin ! All complaints are made on the forum, not the server!
8. Do not put pressure on an admin, you don't like the map, change the map, etc. (Risk: gag/kick).
1. Don't vote only one map. At least 2 on the vote.
2. Before you vote verify the last maps played ; type /harti in chat.
3. Change the map only when it came out on the vote.
4. You must be active on the forum.
5. Raises in degree are not asked, they are achieved.
6. Admins are not allowed to fight against each other. If you have a problem with another admin, post on forum.
7. It's forbidden to abuse the commands amx_vote / amx_slap / amx_slay / amx_gag etc only to have fun.
8. It's forbidden to use slap, slay, kick freeze only to give yourself an advantage.
9. It's forbidden to use slap, slay, kick, freeze if the person used on didn't violate any rule.
10. Command sv_unlag 1 is fixed and there is no use to change it. May create a problem on the server if being changed !
11. Permanent BAN Will be given only on those who use cheats (wallhack / aim / speed etc.) !
12. You are not allowed to KICK the players that are AFK on the server or spectators !
13. You are not allowed to kick players which advertise other servers as long as they don't advertise in chat. (amx_nick "actual advertise" "zm.cstineretului.ro")
14. If you thought about making an Admin Request, at question: Did you read the Rules? you'll answear with: 30/03/2018
15. Admins are not allowed to use tsay / csay as a chat, they will be used for IMPORTANT messages ! [ PENALTY: - 1 Grad ]
16. In the last 5 minutes you are obliged to use amx_votemap and add at least two maps ! (Attention: Ask the other players what maps do they want, don't act for yourself :D
17. VIP Members are forbidden to throw their weapons on the ground (You risk to lose the rank. We don't give money back! )
1. The game is free within the limits of common sense:
- ZOMBIE. It's obliged to attack ! (Otherwise it's applied 2x SLAP . If it still doesn't attack, slay (ATTENTION! Don't abuse this command if the zombie is in water/on the map/under the map etc. IT'S ALLOWED and you have the Obligation to wait at least one minute after you execute the command 2x SLAP to see if the zombie will attack or not. If the minute passed and he didin't attack SLAY !
- HUMAN. Has the Obligation to eliminate all the zombies !
- All admins must listen to Owner/Founder ! [ PENALTY: Remove ]
I'll be back with an Update. You're obliged to enter the forum / Server RULES to be aware of the new chances. Thanks !

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