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[EN] Regulation server

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Regulation Server DR.CsTineretului.Ro
Players Regulation
[*] - It is forbidden to use bad language! // Gag / ms
[*] - It is forbidden to comment elsewhere to an admin! gag / ms
[*] - It is forbidden to give retry while you gag! 120 minutes will be banned. If regain the server while you have money, you will be rewarded with a destroy or fuckoff.
[[*] - It is prohibited for a CT to move TS! You will receive max 30 min ban! Let you move server!
[[*] - It is forbidden to shorten the deathrun_arctic map! Receive slay! Allowed surf!
[*] - Hp's load is prohibited on all maps! May pre romaneste not allowed to ITI EI HP on any map!
[*] - It is forbidden any kind of script that speeds (ie code)! Any kind of code complete ban!
[*] - Any kind of advertisement done on the server is punished gag, in case it is punishable by IP ban spam!
[*] - CT is not allowed to make bugs to traps! receive slay
[*] - A terrorist who kills without finishing the map, will be banned for 30 minutes.
[*] - Playerii not allowed to sit AFK server! hc 10 min.
[*] - KZHack is strictly prohibited (including Straf this script) - destroy + permanent ban.
[*] - Use to increase fps cfg's site is complete ban. [You are not allowed over 100 fps! ]
[*] - TS has no obligation to give free and CT to give the gun! (Arma give CT scan only if you want)
[*] - TS if he is not allowed to fire the gun through the window (glass) - 120 min ban.
[*] - Who does not respect the decision of admin will receive gag / ban / kick
[*] - When making a request for admin, the question "Have you read the rules ?:" ve your answer with NO, in capital letters.
Regulation admins
[*] - FIRST RULE !!! No admin is not allowed to sit AFK more than 1 round per SERVER !! -1 Degree!
[*] - GMs are not allowed to change the map faster than 5 minutes! [Write in chat "timeleft"]. Minimum 3 maps are given to vote! Playerii maps will wonder what will!
[*] - You must have an admirable behavior and foul language, abuse of kick, slay, slap, ban.
[*] - To receive admin should keep redirecte, to have appropriate behavior and language, to be active on both the server and the forum to give proof of seriousness and have at least 16 years.
[*] - If someone swears server will receive immediate gag, if not overblown ban 30 min.
[*] - If someone is abusing you give say_team @ ban 30min NOT kick.
[*] - Admins must not quarrel among themselves! Violation of this rule leads to downgrade [-1] for both admins!
[*] - GMs who give no reason ban, will receive -1 degree.
[*] - Who do not respect the rules, you get -1 degree.
[*] - If TS stay with k1 [Knife 1] the portal and kill you and the game was FREE / traps, you may not slay you give, you receive -1
If you do not want to have problems on the server, and no one takes you, be admins strictly respect this regulation!
CsTineretului.Ro team reserves the right to change the rules whenever needed and playerii and admins are required to have informed the new changes.

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