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[ EN ] [ Model ] DNS Request

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Your name:
ID Contact:
DNS: Name.CsTineretului.Ro
IP Server+Port:
Owner(s) Nickname(s):
ATTENTION: Before making an request, change the DNS name intro Chosen-name.CsTineretului.Ro
Mandatory conditions:
tgZkmoy.gif The server must be hosted at a company that offers such services + port 27015
tgZkmoy.gif Have knowledge about server configuration (we do not accept amateurs)
tgZkmoy.gif Owning basic knowledge in managing a Counter-Strike server, or the mod of its server.
tgZkmoy.gif Owner(s) has the obligation to visit the forum daily, inactivity will cause the server to be removed from CsTineretului.Ro
tgZkmoy.gif We do not accept servers the same way as the existing ones, unless they quite populated.
tgZkmoy.gif The server must have an average of 5 on gametracker, in other words, to have at least 10 players ON.
What you get:
tgZkmoy.gif Redirections + Free track: Click
tgZkmoy.gif Moderator + Moderator on the category received (Rank Server Owner)
tgZkmoy.gif Technical Support (anti-exploit, plugins updates, resources)
tgZkmoy.gif Plugins found on already existing servers + famous motd CsTineretului.Ro
When you have your server accepted. (READ)
If  you are accepted into the community with the server, you have to follow some simple steps.
1. Contact an Administrator or Moderator from the community.
2. You can contact them via PM on the forum or via messenger.
3. Your request will be made withing 24 hours of acceptance into the community with the server.
4. When taking contact with an Administrator or Moderator, my advice is to not simply sit and do nothing, you can present a model written in WordPad or anything you want, and send it directly, then the administrator will know immediately what to do and what categories + access will be given as soon as possible.
5. The message must contain the following:

a) The server owner name + the other owner(If it's the case) (If the other owner wants access as well, you must specify its name exactly how he created his account.)
b) Server Mode
c) Gametracker address
d) Server Categories
e) Notations of each category, only if requested.
Server DNS will be made only by community Administrators.
Administrators are not to chat with on messanger or PM, they will do exactly what they have to. If you need help with the server, you have this category Technical Support where you will ask directly there.

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