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Rules! [EN]

forum rules rules forum

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This regulation applies to all categories of registered user in www.CsTineretului.ro

Regulation is applied in all categories belonging to the forum because regardless of rank, the regulation is written, and respected by everyone.





1. Username/profile/avatar/signature

a. The username must not contain profanity or racist words. Also it must be different from the people in the administrative team of the forum.

b. Avatar/Signature must not contain pornographic pictures or racist or relating to cruelty to humans/animals. Also "NSFW" images are also prohibited because among us there are also members who visit us from work or public spaces, in this category we refer to 18+ pictures.

c. Signature must contain a maximum of two pictures, the signature isn't a art gallery.

d. It is forbidden to attach a video to your signature.

e. Registration of multiple accounts from the same IP address is punished with permanent suspension of all accounts/account deletion.

f. The size of the signature must be at least 450x500.

g. The username must be the same as on the server.


2. Opening a topic

a. Make sure you are in the right section before creating a new topic.

b. Use the function "search" before you create a new topic because it is a possibility that someone already made a topic with the same subject.

c. Write a decipherable title to receive an answer as quickly as possible.

d. It is not allowed to open or sustain a topic with one word in it.

   Example: If you have trouble changing your signature, do not put a title "problem" but "problem changing signature" so when a administrator, moderator, etc. looks for troubles with keywords "problem", "signature", "change" it helps them find  your topic faster.


3. Language

a. Swearing is punished with permanent ban on the forum.

b. To provoke a fight is strictly prohibited may be punished with temporary or permanent suspension.

c. We do not tolerate swearing in different languages (romanian, german, france, etc.)

e. The sanctions are applied to the private messages (PM) on the forum as well.

f. We prefer to speak with normal words not "idk", "k", "idfc", "idc", etc.


4. Posting

a. Off-topic/Post-hunt/Spam. Off-topic is allowed only in special sections.

b. Off-topic is a post that is not related to the subject. This way of posting is not allowed.

c. Post-hunt refers to posts that are based on their amount and meaning. Posts containing answers or text "generic" is considered post-hunt.

d. Excessive use of emoticons is prohibited.

e. If the regulations were breached and someone leaves a reply like "ban", "warn him", etc. will be sanctioned for post-hunt. To advertise/announce use the report button on the post you want to report.

f. Spam means excessive posting in a particular category or topic with unnecessary posts or same subject/response. 

g. Not allowed to double post, use the edit button. Is not considered double post if the two posts have more then 24 hours between them.

h. Is not considered double post if the interval is one of a few seconds as it may be because of a conflict of connection that results in a rapid double postings.

i. Overuse or misuse of colors/emoticons/fontsize is prohibited.

j. Colors, fontsize are used to highlight an idea, a fragment or a sentence not to make a mess in any post/subject.


5. Piracy (warez)

a. It is highly prohibited the opening of any subject about piracy.

The following topic will result in a permanent suspension without appeal:

Instruction, discussions or addresses on how to run a pirated program and crack sites.

Advertising private servers or statements that support the privacy of charge.

   Example: Statements like, let's play "for free" on www.nene.ro than playing on a official server with monthly fee.


6. Advertising\Spam

a. Advertising refers to the presentation of a website in order to attract more visitors. Any post, signature, avatar, private message of this kind will result in a permanent ban.

b. Is not considered advertising pages with informative posts, or if the site is in partnership with us.

c. Addresses that redirect to a page that shoes deals for fee are prohibited and lead to ban between 30 days and permanent respectively.


7. Report

a. Use the report function in cases of violation of rules or consideration of sanctions in name of justice. Noncompliance leads to ignoring the problem and not solving it.

b. Report doesn't meant private messages to the administrative team, do not use the report function unless you really encountered a problem.


8. Duty of Moderators/Super Moderators.

a. Once you receive Moderator/Super Moderator on this forum you agree to maintain order, and if appropriate, penalizing regular users.

b. Who is caught abusing the function Warn and Ban will receive remove and ban without warning.

c. The Moderators are not allowed to give each other Warn or Ban or to another Administrator, Founder, Super Moderator. If you see that someone from the administrative team has violated the rules, contact someone of a higher rank.

d. Every time you give a warn to a user, you are obligated to edit their post and indicate them why they received the warn.

e. Moderators/Super Moderators are required to delete/lock topics that violate the rules.

f. If a Moderator/Super Moderator accumulates 3 warns it will become a simple user of the forum.

g. Moderators/Super Moderators are not allowed to lock topics in the administrative part. (Forum ranks, DNS requests, etc.)


9. Ban

a. Every ban given will be posted in section Warn & Ban Arhive, with the model given.

b. Every warn given will be posted in section Warn & Ban Arhive, with the model given.


In the reader's attention:

·If you do not agree or accept this regulation you are invited to leave this forum. Registration is required to post a comment in the forum threads.

·CsTineretului team reservers the authority to modify this regulation without notice, users are obliged to comply with the new regulation and its updates.

·No members of the forum can not plead as an excuse for violating the rules that did not know of its existence.

·For each rule violated you will receive a warn. At 3 warns you will get banned between 7 and 30 days or permanent as appropriate.


With respect, team CsTineretului!

• CsTineretului Forum Manager •

• Rules are made to be followed •

• Helping others, helps yourself •


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